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- 2 inch Grinder and large reservoir (holds 1/4 oz).

- Rare earth magnetically balanced Grinder, smooth spin.

- Reservoir shaped perfectly for pouring into papers.

- GC Hitter included (more than a one hitter, optional filter).

- Neodymium magnets secure lids, won't lose your goods or lid.

- Medical grade anodized aluminum - Lasts a lifetime!

- Manufactured in the U$A. Ships from the United States.

- 3.5" high 2 and 1/2" wide.

GrindCase GrindCase

Grinder and dugout in one!  Frost Coat Matte finish.

Price: $69.99

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April 27, 2018

Remaking a classic better than before

the creator of the GrindCase has accomplished something remarkable, in modernizing smoking technology that hasn’t been updated in 70+ years...Anyone who smokes knows what a dugout is (maybe under a different name, but they know the device) traditionally a block of wood with 2 cavities drilled out of it and a lid to cover them... along with a simple metal taster bat to take hits from.This guy has taken that, and made EVERYTHING about it better... and not just the case itself, but the bat too...I carry mine everywhere now, it’s sleek, discreet, and gives amazing hits. (Esp if used with a filter in the bat, honestly really blown away at how much I enjoy hits from the bat.)tldr: Grindcases are amazing!